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Please carefully read the following terms and conditions related to the use of web sites owned by Magelec (Magasins Généraux de l’électricité SIRET 844 557 751 00014 – 844 557 751 RCS PONTOISE) before browsing this web site. By connecting to any of Magelec’s web sites, users agree to the terms and conditions of use outlined in this document.


The information contained in all of Magelec’s web sites, including the appearance and other characteristics of this information, is noncontractual.

This information in no way constitutes an representation, guarantee or agreement from Magelec regarding any product or service. Therefore, Magelec hereby declines all responsibility, express or implied, related to the completeness, accuracy, or fitness for a particular purpose of this information.

Magelec also declines all responsibility for the accuracy of the information provided, as well as for any use that a web site user may make of this information.


Magelec reserves the right to modify or correct the content of any of its web sites, at any time and without prior notice.

Declaration of Magelec’s web sites to the CNIL

In accordance with the French data protection law “Informatique et Libertés”, the processing of personal information of website users has been declared to France’s national data protection authority, the Commission Nationale de l’Informatique et des Libertés(CNIL), under number 1220491.

Obligations and laws concerning information technology, data protection and individual liberties

In accordance with the “Loi Informatique et Libertés” of January 6, 1978 ; article 34 of law n° 78-17, concerning information technology, data protection and individual liberties, you have the right to access, modify or delete any information concerning you.

Through our intermediary, you may receive information from other companies or organizations. You may also receive information about our products or services by telephone, mail or email. If you do not wish to receive this, simply notify us in writing, indicating your first name, surname and address.

Do the same if you no longer wish to receive sales proposals.

Personal information collected may also be shared with third parties who are in a business relationship with Magelec and bound by a confidentiality agreement, notably to their internet service provider, in accordance with the law.

Under the law n° 2000-719 of August 1, 2000, contact information provided by the user may be disclosed upon request by legal authorities.

Contact Form

Information collected from users via the contact form complies with French data protection legislation (Loi Informatique et Libertés).

Please note that submitting information is optional, and not submitting information via this form will not result in any particular consequences. However, submissions must be sufficient to allow us to process the information.

Intellectual and industrial property rights

Magelec owns its copyrights, as set out in Book I, Titles I and II of the French Intellectual Property Code, in the legislative part.

Magelec also owns its database producer rights, as provided for in Book II, Title IV of the French Intellectual Property Code (Law n° 98-536 of July 1, 1998) concerning copyright and database rights.

Therefore, all use of Magelec’s intellectual property, including their web sites, can only occur upon written authorization from Magelec, at their sole discretion.

Reproduction of Content

The user may not modify, reproduce or adapt any of Magelec’s intellectual property, including their web sites and the data contained within them, in whole or in part.

The user may not, in any form and by any means, download, market, sell, distribute, transmit, publish, or carry out an automated download of any data published or hosted on any of Magelec’s web sites.

These uses constitute dissemination of Magelec’s intellectual property, and require prior authorization from Magelec, and the signing of a usage license.

If the appropriate license is not obtained, misappropriation of usage rights will also be sanctioned by the legal and regulatory provisions related to copyright and producers’ rights, provided for by the French Intellectual Property Code. These sanctions will also be applied in the case of the aforementioned intellectual property being used in ways other than those authorized by Magelec.

Copyright Infringement

All reproduction or representation, in whole or in part and by any means, without written permission from Magelec, is prohibited and unlawful. In addition, non-compliance with this prohibition constitutes an act of copyright infringment, and may result in civil or criminal liability of the copyright infringer.

Furthermore, owners of the copied content may take legal action against the copyright infringer.

This clause also applies to occasional visitors.

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