IMELCO : International Network of Independent Electrical Wholesalers

Created in 1991 by SOCODA, ELTKONTOR (now MITEGRO) and EMMA (now ANEW), IMELCO (International Marketing Electrical Corporation) has become a European leader in the field of electrical supplies distribution, with a 16% market share and 24 billion euros of total sales turnover.

IMELCO is the largest international marketing group of independent electrical supplies wholesalers. Founded more than 20 years ago, it brings together commercial partners from various different countries, allowing them to share their experience and create a common framework for rates and conditions, contributing to the success of each member of the group.

Collaborations between IMELCO members can also include the exchange of market data and other knowledge, as well as the creation of common framework agreements with suppliers. The goal is for each participant to benefit from these collaborations, whether they are a member wholesaler, a vendor partner, or a national consortium of wholesalers.

Furthermore, IMELCO aims to ensure a balanced market environment that provides vendor partners with the opportunity to grow their shares in the world market, and presents opportunities for cross-border trade in key fields within the electrical supplies distribution sector.

Based in Brussels, this group is currently made up of 14 partners committed to sustainable co-operation, including :

  • SOCODA Electricité (France)
  • MITEGRO (Germany/Austria)
  • ANEW (UK)
  • ELEX ITALIA (Italy)
  • AHLSELL (Sweden, Norway, Denmark)
  • IMAGRO (The Netherlands)
  • INTER ELEKTRO (Poland)
  • MENTAVILL (Hungary and Romania)
  • GRUDILEC (Spain)
  • GIBED (Belgium)

Key Figures

For over 20 years, IMELCO has been committed to its partner companies’ continued growth. Originally founded by three members, this group now brings together more than 1100 wholesalers from 22 countries.
Created in: 1991 Headquarters: Brussels,Belgium Affiliated wholesalers: 1139 (over 5000 sales outlets) Members: 14 Total sales turnover: Over 24 billion euros Magelec, via SOCODA, is now part of IMELCO.

For more information, visit IMELCO’s web site.